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Client Testimonials

With all of her experience, Susan Almon-Pesch has proven to be a helpful PR consultant with Market 4 Profit in Summerville, South Carolina. See what others have had to say.

 Brian Miliate

"Thanks for orchestrating this media event In Balboa Park for such a great result."

— Brian Miliate, CFO, Baker Electric Inc.

"I have the utmost respect for you talent and integrity. I know quite a few people that work in PR . . . but I never refer business to them because, based on what I've seen of their work, none of them really seem to "get it." You are my #1-and-only resource in this area. I take great comfort in knowing you are on my team :)"
— B. D., San Diego Webmaster

"You have done a stellar job as always. You are SO GREAT at what you do. Thank you for all your help to get this put together! You are amazing and the best at what you do! I am so blessed by you."
— Kathy Nelson, On Track Success Coachings

Diana Robinson

"Really fabulous work. You make me look good."
— Diana Robinson, CFP, Robinson Financial Group Inc.

"All set! You are the best!"
— April West, Events Administrator, San Diego Business Journal

"With your help our iPhone App, iVibrateMe, sales took off. I would not have had such success without M4P."
— Marc R. Perlman, Marker Company, Inc.

Becky Quinn

"Thank you Sue so much. You are awesome. This past week, I've been able to focus and by having the brochure complete."
— Becky Quinn, PHR, HR Manager/Corporate Communications, Quality Controlled Manufacturing, Inc.

Rick Itzkowich

"I've worked with Sue for over 14 years, and what she gives you as an adviser and implementer is knowledge, experience. M4P is very affordable. Sue does a great job capturing the essence of what people need to showcase in their profiles."
Rick Itzkowich, The LinkedIn Guy, 501 Connections, Inc.

Gary M. Hutchinson

"With your help, the interview went very well. She has decided to write an article on the start-up. She was very interested in the CRT (controlled room temperature) packaging, our engineering and integrated systems approach, and our simulation technology. She asked is we would participate in some webinars and contributing articles and I said yes. Thank you Sue!"
— Gary M. Hutchinson, Modality Solutions

Roz Odmark

"I love my branding. I totally trusted what you told me to do and it all turned out great!"
— Roz Odmark, Personal Daily Money Manager

"Sue is an exceptional marketing professional. I have collaborated with her to develop press releases that deliver excellent results."
Bernadette Sanchez, Marketing Consultant

"You are the MOST organized person on the face of the PLANET! Probably the UNIVERSE! Well, maybe except for the Big Guy!"
— CJ, Alderwood Assisted Living, Oregon

"You do such a great job with this newsletter! I got a call from a new customer asking about case binding as he has a customer looking for this type of work. He saw our online newsletter and called to look into us doing the job for him! Now that is a testament of your great work!"
— Scott Fierle, Executive Vice President, Sterling United

Eran Sinai

"You are without a doubt a pro in marketing. You are the best. I am starting to work on my online newsletter right now." —Eran Sinai, ID Theft Recovery

"You are a pleasure to work with. I wish all of my clients were like you!"  — Carmel Cheely, 100.7 Jack FM and 760 KFMB AM

Ashley Arant

"You are by far the most knowledgeable and easy-to-with partner that I work with. Alway a pleasure! I love that we have the 'insider knowledge' via you. It’s so interesting to see that it doesn’t get picked up on by others. Glad you know the ropes and all our releases are professional to the T," — Ashley Arant, Marketing Manager, Baker Electric Solar

Jeanne Mann

"I am happy to recommend M4P. I make NO marketing decisions without their consultation.  I rely on Sue completely and am extremely confident in her experience and advice." — Jeanne Mann, CPA, Withers & Mann CPA 

Herb Knoll